Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!  As I have mentioned before I am of Mexican decent so I felt it was appropriate to share a little Mexicana joy today with you!  Back in So Cal, today is one of my favorite holidays as the streets are filled with mariachis, flautas, churros and cervezas.  Since I have moved out to New York I have thrown an annual Mexican fiesta the weekend that Cinco de Mayo falls on.  The past couple years we’ve had everything from piñatas to ice luges to margarita machines to large amounts of catered food.  But this year, I’m going much simpler and just having a few couples over and I’m going to make my mother’s enchiladas and do a simple, but delicious taco station.  As I’m not going to start the cooking till tomorrow, you’re just gonna have to wait for the recipes! 

But in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I thought I would share a few inspirations of mine that were hecho en Mexico. 

The Mexican woman in my family, especially my Grandma, Alicia Lopez who I miss dearly and think of daily.

Miss Frida Kahlo 

She was such a free spirit and so secure in herself and her work.  Miss Kahlo opened the doors for not only Mexican woman, but for all woman, allowing us to feel free to express ourselves loudly and with an amazing amount of color.

Mexican tile and ceramic work

Mexican Cuisine

And of course, Mexican Athletes

Hee-hee… I just had to sneak in Mark Sanchez!  Go Jets!

Hope everyone has a great Cinco de Mayo!  Get those margaritas mixing and those coronas cheersing!  Salud!

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2 Responses to Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

  1. Brad Stephenson says:

    Riley was wondering why he was not your selection for Meican Athlete.

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