Orchid Show

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I and two other couples met at Grand Central Station and made our way up to the New York Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show.  Taking the Metro Train North was super easy and a quick 25 minutes.  The travel time was just enough time for us to start with a bottle of a Wölffer champagne that our friends Ryan and Sabrina brought.  Being a big lover of champagne I just had to mention that this bottle was delicious and I’m looking forward to making a trip to their Long Island winery.

The original plan was to attend the garden’s Orchid evenings event, but with the event falling at the same time as the Final Four we opted to do gardens by day, basketball games by night (see Juice Madness for a post tournament cleanse)

As we entered the Conservatory we were welcomed by a theatrical display of orchids.

And each turn and room we wondered into just continued to allow us to enjoy these flowers in all their grace and beauty.

As a majority of the rooms celebrated the orchid, there were other rooms that adapted the climates of different parts of the world.

There was the desert:

And the Rain Forest:

All in all it was a great day!  I highly recommend the Orchid exhibit to anyone in the New York area.  Though we were really lucky to get a beautiful day, I think the Orchid Evenings would be a really fun date night.  They serve wine and have cool lighting throughout the Conservatory.  The show ends April 25th with the evening event the next two Saturdays.

And on the topic… Look what bloomed this week!

Couldn’t be prouder of my little orchid!

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2 Responses to Orchid Show

  1. Brad says:

    Love this!

  2. Mike says:

    one day i will be referred to as more than just “my boyfriend.” i look forward to that day…

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